Language Access

The Oregon State University Extension Service is committed to serving all audiences in Oregon. This includes multilingual communities and people with Limited English Proficiency. Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals are protected from national origin-based discrimination under the Title VI Act of 1964.

As an Extension Service, we strive to build strong capacity to reach all communities across the state. We aim to create communication mechanisms that represent our commitment to language access. That is why, when designing programming, we ask you to take into account that our Civil Rights responsibilities require us to have language access accountability. This means that we must take “reasonable steps” to ensure that LEP populations have meaningful access to our Extension programs, activities, and services.

Federal authorities use the four-factor analysis below to evaluate organizational standards for ensuring language access obligations. The following factors provide a flexible, fact-dependent standard for determining how institutions should consider responding to their language access needs.

  1. Number or portion of LEP persons in target or eligible population
  2. Frequency of contact the organization’s programs have with LEP audiences
  3. Nature and importance of the program or activity
  4. Organizational resources available to implement language access services

Based on our Title VI legal obligations and our commitment to equitable access for all, we suggest providing language support services in educational programming based on, but not limited to: 1) a needs assessment of the program or area, 2) the nature and scope of the project, 3) the target audience, and, 4) community demographics within the designated service area.

If you have questions or are unsure about how to provide language access, please talk to your Program Leader or Regional Director.

Our organization has a legal obligation to provide accommodations for individuals with Limited English Proficiency. Therefore, it is unlawful to deny a request for language support services to a person who is a participant, or wants to participate in Extension programs, services, and activities. If you need support to provide an accommodation, please contact the OSU Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.