Web Content and Strategy

Our web developers collaborate with OSU Extension and combined Research and Extension Center faculty to create educational, user-focused online experiences. We can help you with:

  • Planning the most effective way to share your content
  • Assessment of audience needs
  • Usage analysis

Our primary focus is to create a web presence for OSU Extension that is customer-focused, easy to navigate and has relevant, timely information, to ensure our customers return to engage with us again and again. See the OSU Extension Digital Strategy Project blog for more information.

We also manage the web presence for Oregon’s Agricultural Progress magazine. And we collaborate with EESC colleagues on special projects, such as web versions of peer-reviewed OSU Extension educational resources.

Check out our website projects

Bilingual Christmas tree websites
A great example of converting a pocket-sized print product into a mobile-friendly website that is perfect for smartphones, tablets, and screens of all sizes.

PNW Pest Management Handbooks
Originally designed as comprehensive print reference guides, these publications are now also available as mobile-friendly websites.

Have questions?

Contact: Bryan Mayjor, Web and Content Strategy Leader