Working With Us

We help you—OSU Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station faculty—plan and complete great educational projects. And then, we help you get the word out to the people who need the information.

To start a project:

  • Develop an idea for a new educational resource. Or, find one that needs updating.
  • Talk with your Extension program leader to make sure your idea is in line with program priorities and goals.
  • Submit a project request. The earlier the better, so you and your EESC project manager can discuss ideas and questions.

To make your project as strong as it can be:

To share your success:

Need some additional support? We provide trainings to help you take better photos, write for the web, become an expert on Ask an Expert, talk to the media, and more. Let us know if you are interested in learning a new skill or brushing up on one you already have.

Have questions? Contact us.