Talk about the impact of your work

We want to help you share the impact of your work. Impact is the difference your program is making in peoples’ lives.

What is an impact statement?

An impact statement is a brief summary of your work—written in language the average person can understand—that explains its value to society. A good impact statement answers the question: “So what?”

What do I do when I have an impact statement?

Let us know! EESC uses impact statements on its The Statewides: Our Impact website, where we post examples of how the Agricultural Experiment Station, the Extension Service, and the Forest Research Laboratory are helping Oregonians and the state’s industries. This is a go-to website for legislative communication.

Is it really worth the bother?

When can you clearly and succinctly describe the difference your work is making in people's lives, you:

  • Are more prepared to talk to reporters
  • Help the public understand the importance of OSU Extension and Agriculture Experiment Station programs
  • Let legislators know that what you do matters
  • Increase your chances of future funding

Need help getting started?

See the following resources:

Have questions?

Contact: Chris Branam, Public Issues Education Leader