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Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse


The Oregon Legislature passed a bill in 2012 to include University employees as “mandatory reporters” of child abuse, effective January 1, 2013.  If you have “reasonable cause to believe” that any child with whom you come into contact has suffered abuse, or that any person with whom you come into contact has abused a child, you must immediately report the suspected abuse or abuser to local law enforcement or the Oregon Department of Human Services.  The University requires you to also report this information to your supervisor.

Please note that this legal obligation is personal to you, as an employee of an Oregon higher education institution, and applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in any location; even if you are not on work time or regardless of your assignment.  All OSU employees are responsible for reporting suspected child abuse.

If you’d like to better understand your legal obligation as a mandatory reporter, please review the December 19, 2012 webinar recording from the “We are Mandatory Reporters” training (1 hour).

This recorded presentation will provide information about the law and the requirements you must follow as an OSU Extension employee.  There are examples and scenarios to encourage thinking and clarification of your role as a mandatory reporter.

If you have questions or concerns, please talk with your Extension Program Leader and/or Regional Administrator; or you may contact the Office of Human Resources (See information below.).

Office of Human Resources Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

Employees of Oregon State University are subject to mandatory reporting requirements of child abuse.  The Office of Human Resources reporting application program, HR Advocate, will provide OSU employees with an automated process for reporting incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect relating to OSU employment.  This does not substitute or eliminate the legal requirement to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement or the State of Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).  If you have questions, please contact Viki Dimick at: viki.dimick@oregonstate.edu or by phone at: 541 737-5355.