Professional Development Fund Application

Application deadlines: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1

Note: All fields except anticipated expenses are required.

If your supervisor is not listed let us know.
Date of activity
Strategic Objective

Funds will be used for Spanish language and/or cultural trainings — this may include formal language classes at a local university, college or community college; language classes taken on-line, an immersion experience; intercultural communication workshops and institutes, etc.

Funds will be used to support educational opportunities that increase understanding and correct application of evaluation methods and that develop skills, confidence and comfort in reporting achievements.

Funds will be used for training that focuses on strengthening knowledge and skills in the following areas, with emphasis placed on timely, relevant information for the demands of the position:

  • Technology applications
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management
  • Education programming: development, delivery, management

Funds will be used for leadership development opportunities that encourage faculty and staff to improve knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors that contribute to excellence in Extension education programs.

Funds will be used for supporting course work, graduate seminars or thesis hours of faculty and staff enrolled in matriculated degree granting programs.

Will this funding be used toward a degree?
Will this funding be used for international travel?
Anticipated expenses