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Outreach and Engagement Directory

  • O&E Directory, booklet (Updated 01/23/18)
  • O&E Directory, sequential (Updated 01/23/18)

Request a Changes

To request changes in the printed or the online directory (Find Us), contact Denise Ashley

How to Print the Directory

To print from most copiers:

  • Open PDF
  • Click File > Print (or keyboard command Ctrl+P)
  • Next to "Page Scaling" in the drop down menu, select "Fit to Printable Area"
  • Click Properties next to your name of printer
  • On the Setup Tab, confirm Duplexing, flip on short edge
  • Make sure that Staple is off.
  • Click OK.
  • Print, fold and staple

To print from other printers/copiers:

  • Open PDF
  • Click File, Print (or keyboard command Ctrl+P)
  • Make sure that Page Scaling is "Fit to Printable Area" and "Auto-rotate and Center"
    • If you do not have two-sided capability, print at this point, then alternately rotate the pages so they face head up/head down and copy it from 1-sided to 2-sided (or you may want to order hard copies; see your office manager)
  • If you have two-sided capability, click on the Printing Shortcuts tab, and under Orientation select Landscape and under Print on both sides, Yes, flip over
  • Click OK twice
  • Print, fold and staple