OSU Extension/O&E Letterhead

Letterhead templates for University Outreach and Engagement, OSU Open Campus, and each OSU Extension county/location are available in OSU Box in the same unit subfolders as logo files.

  • In this Box, there are three “pages” of unit folders. You can sort by name, and also use the pager arrows (upper right next to the Download button) to move to the next page.
  • There are subfolders for Extension, O&E, Open Campus, Outdoor School, and each Extension and branch experiment station location.
  • Each unit subfolder includes companion logos and letterhead.
  • Tip: You can use the “favorites” feature in Box for quick access to your commonly used files and folders. Here’s a short video from our friends at URM.

As a reminder, there is only one OSU letterhead and it carries only the OSU logo. Extension offices and departments identify themselves by including auxiliary information and specific local addresses.

    Letterhead should include:

    • your department or office name
    • mailing address
    • phone and fax number
    • and URL, if applicable

    Do not:

    • add the Extension logo or additional logos
    • replace the OSU logo with the Extension logo or other logos on the letterhead
    • add individual names and addresses to the template; instead, use the signature block for the sender's name, phone number, and e-mail address

      Get the letterhead

      The OSU letterhead is available in two formats:

      • Pre-printed: order quantities customized for your office or department from Printing and Mailing Services. Use this pre-printed (color) version for official use.
      • Desktop printing: developed in a Microsoft Word template and customized for each county office by Extension Administration, this document will let you create the letter and print it from your personal computer.

      Please contact Extension Service Administration at 541-737-2711 for questions or corrections.