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Office of Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension Service
101 & 102 Ballard Extension Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3606
Phone: 541-737-2713 or 541-737-2711
Fax: 541-737-4423

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O&E/Extension Administration:

  • Amanda Bielenberg, Conference & Events Manager and OSU Open Campus Program Support
  • — Extension Annual Conference 
    — O&E conferences
    — Open Campus program support and meetings
  • Elsa Curtis, Administrative Program Assistant
  • — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion support
  • — Recruitment support, off-campus faculty recruitments
  • Marcia Dickson, Regional Operations Coordinator
  • — Faculty recruitments
    — Policies and Procedures development
    — Regional Operations special assignments
    — Contracts/MOUs Review (Service District Agreements, County contracts)
    — County office closure coordination
    — UABC Liaison for off-campus
  • Molly Engle, Evaluation Specialist (.80FTE)
  • Ana Lu FonsecaExtension Assistant Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Ann Marie Murphy, O&E/Extension Communications & Marketing Manager
  • Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant to Vice Provost & Director
  • — Vice Provost & Director scheduling and support
    — Budget Authority and budget oversight
    — Meeting coordination, support (O&E Council, Executive Team)
    — Extension Citizen Action Network (ECAN)
    — Legislative support
  • Kim Tarrant, Assistant to Associate Provost & Associate Director
  • — Associate Provost & Assoc. Director scheduling and support
    — Meeting coordination and support for Collaborative
    — REEPort and NIMSS Reporting Management
    — Citizen Evaluation of Teaching (CET) forms and processing
    — Ballard Hall Building Manager
  • Extension Student
    — Reception/answer phones
    — Assist with processing the Citizen Evaluation of Teaching (CET) forms
    — Assist with processing promotional marketing orders

OSU Open Campus:

Outdoor School:

Additional Extension Administration Appointments:

Special Assigments

  • Lyla Houglum, Western Extension Directors Association (WEDA) Executive Director (.50FTE)

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