Grants, Contracts, & Agreements

Proposal Enhancement Tools

These tools provide a self-help process to make projects and grant proposals more competitive. These tools help:

  • Effectively identify and describe the target audiences 
  • Anticipate impact of your efforts 
  • Verify the direction of your proposal 
  • Help identify potential gaps in your basic analysis and how to fill them
  • Clearly describe information to support your proposal
  • Move your writing from general to specific
  • Prompt you to organize and analyze disparate pieces of information
  • Define measure to evaluate your success

Invest 20 minutes to two days, depending on your current understanding of your audience and issues that affect them, and your available time. The greater your investment, the greater your potential for success.

OSU Resources on Contracts & Grants

OSU Tax ID No.

  • For security purposes, OSU’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) is to be guarded. Do not post it on any website or on forms that will be on a readily accessible site. Units may not sign IRS W9 forms or alternate W9 forms. Current expenditure and revenue W9s for the University can be obtained by contacting your Business Center or the Business Affairs Accounting to request the current copy of the OSU W-9 form.

Agreements Guidelines & Templates

Any agreement submitted to Extension Administration for off-campus Extension programs should come from the appropriate Regional Administrator and/or Program Leader.  


  • Grants: Contact your Business Center. For UABC, contact Sandra Larsen
  • Personal Service Contracts: Contact your Business Center. For UABC, John DeVoe
  • Agreements: PaCS, Contract Services, or for off-campus templates contact  Marcia Dickson, Extension Administration who will coordinate with Contract Services.

Other Resources