Performance Evaluations


Performance Evaluation Management System -
Extension Service Off-Campus Faculty, Professional Faculty & Classified Staff


Classified staff (includes Classified IT employees) and Non-Instructional Professional Faculty (includes Office Managers) are evaluated using EvalS, an electronically-driven performance evaluation system. Please visit the OSU Human Resources' website on EvalS.

Digital Measures

Effective with the 2017 evaluation period, Extension Field Faculty (Tenured/Annual Tenure, Professor of Practice series, Senior Instructor, Instructor, Faculty Research Assistant, and Instructional Professional Faculty) will be evaluated using Workflow with the Digital Measures System.  Please visit the OSU Extension Service' website on Digital Measures.

Key features of the Digital Measures Workflow

  • Faculty evaluated through the DM Workflow will not input goals into EvalS. 
  • Faculty deadline for creation of Digital Measures records with 2017 dates is January 15, 2018.
  • Faculty reporting information will be automatically available to the supervisory team, without extra effort on the part of the faculty.
  • The supervisory team will upload an evaluation summary letter into Digital Measures Workflow for faculty review and electronic acknowledgement.

Extension Field Faculty Performance Ratings and Resources

Every field faculty member who has been employed for a minimum of six (6) months shall have a review.

The following are the selections available to supervisors to provide an overall summary performance rating for their professorial and professional faculty employees:

  • Exceptional Performance – Consistently operates well above expectations.
  • Strong Performance – Fully meets and often exceeds expectations of the position.
  • Satisfactory Performance – Fully meets the expectations for the position.
  • Needs Improvement – Occasionally fails to meet expectations or needs significant improvement in critical areas.
  • Does Not Meet Expectations – Consistently does not meet expectations in multiple key elements of the position.
  • No basis for evaluation / Not rated – Faculty employed for less than six (6) months.