Professional Development Fund

Through the generous donations of Extension supporters, OSU Extension offers professional development funds to support Extension faculty and staff in their professional development activities.

Three funds make up the Extension Professional Development Fund:

  • OSU Extension Professional Development Fund
  • Gene & Ruth Lear Professional Development Fund
  • Nels and Esther Anderson Honorary Scholarship Fund

These funds are awarded quarterly and are designed to help faculty and staff gain the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors to enhance Extension education programs and services.


Complete the OSU Extension Professional Development Fund Application form
Please note: Funds are limited and award amounts are based on the number of applicants.


  • Available for faculty and staff with an Extension appointment of .25 FTE or greater.
  • Professional development activity must support one or more of the five strategic objectives and priorities as listed below.
  • At least 50% matching funds available from other sources.
  • Application submission precedes date of event.
  • There is no limit to the number of applications accepted from an individual. However, only one award will be given per individual, per activity/event.
  • A total limit of $1,000 will be awarded to an individual in one calendar year.
  • $1,000 will be provided each quarter for international professional development opportunities.
  • Awarded funds must be used within one year of award.

Application deadlines

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

Strategic Objectives & Priorities

Professional Development Fund priorities focus on desired outcomes expressed in the organization’s strategic plan, Helping Oregonians
Build Their Future:

A. Improve OSU Extension’s ability to reach culturally diverse audiences.

Funds will be used for Spanish language and/or cultural training. This may include formal language classes at a local university, college or community college; language classes taken on-line; an immersion experience; intercultural communication workshops and institutes, etc.

B. Enhance faculty members’ proficiency with impact evaluation and reporting.

Funds will be used to support educational opportunities that increase understanding and correct application of evaluation methods and that develop skills, confidence and comfort in reporting achievements.

C. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of office and program support staff through new and improved practices.

Funds will be used for training that focuses on strengthening knowledge and skills in the following areas, with emphasis placed on timely, relevant information for the demands of the position:

  • Technology Applications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Education Programming: Development, Delivery, Management

D. Develop ability to make decisions and positively influence diverse groups and individuals.

Funds will be used for leadership development opportunities that encourage faculty and staff to improve knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors that contribute to excellence in Extension education programs.

E. Invest in lifelong learning of faculty and staff through undergraduate and advanced degrees.

Funds will be used for supporting course work, graduate seminars or thesis hours of faculty and staff enrolled in matriculated degree granting programs.

Selection Committee

Stephen Fitzgerald, Campus (faculty on-campus position)

Jill Huffman, Wallowa County (classified staff position)

Lisa Downing, Tillamook County (OSUEA member position)

Dusti Linnell, Tillamook County (faculty off-campus position)

Committee Support:
Elsa Curtis, Extension Administration (contact for questions)