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Reporting Incidents 

Report an Accident/Injury or Mandatory Reporting Incident

The Office of Human Resources has implemented a program, HR Advocate, that allows OSU to better assist employees, managers/supervisors, and departments by processing and tracking information in one central location for the following items:  Accident/Injury Reporting and Mandatory Reporting Incident.

In the event of an accident, injury, and/or other mandatory reporting incident please do the following:

  • Notify the employee's supervisor within 24 hours
    • The supervisor must complete and submit the on-line Public Incident Reporting form within 24 hours using the HR Advocate program
    • If the incident involves the 4-H Youth Program, please also contact Marilyn Lesmeister at 541-737-1332
    • If an incident results in an employee seeking medical treatment, the SAIF 801 Form will need to be completed.  If an employee seeks medical treatment but does not intend to file a workers' compensation claim with the SAIF Corporation, the SAIF 801 form would be completed but the employee would not sign the form.  For more information, please visit the Office of Risk Management website on Workers' Compensation Resources.
    • If an accident results in lost time for an employee, an Accident Investigation Report should be initiated by the employee’s immediate supervisor within 48 hours of the accident.
    • For an accident or injury to a non-employee, an OSU employee should be notified of the incident and complete the Public Incident Reporting form on behalf of the non-employee.
    • Due to the time constraints for submitting the forms, please fax or scan any requested forms to the appropriate office rather than mailing them. The forms will need to have a "wet" signature; an electronic signature will not suffice.

    Report a Crime

    The Office of Human Resources has established a Clery Compliance Office. For Clery reporting purposes, you will need to report a crime by submitting the form located on the OSU Clery Compliance reporting website. Submitting a report through the Clery Compliance form does NOT initiate a law enforcement report. 

    For emergencies:

    If you are on the OSU Corvallis campus, please call 911 or the Department of Public Safety Dispatch at 541-737-7000.

    If you are not on the OSU Corvallis campus, please call 911. Afterwards, contact the Department of Public Safety at 541-737-7000 and provide your local police report number.

    Risk Services

    The Office of Enterprise Risk Services is committed to the stewardship of human, fiscal, and physical resources entrusted to OSU. The Risk Services staff work with the OSU community to identify areas of potential risk and develop the most effective solutions.  Their goal is to minimize the risk of loss to OSU.  

    Liability Waivers & Releases (Forms - English and Spanish)

    • Waiver of Liability Forms:
    • Volunteer Services Form and Waiver
      Both the volunteer and the department or program that the volunteer will serve must complete the Conditions of Volunteer Service form before the volunteer begins service.  As a reminder, people who volunteer for OSU will need to complete a new form each year for volunteer service that continues into the next fiscal year, when volunteering for a different activity, or when volunteer duties change. The forms are kept by the supervising department for two (2) years after last contact.  They can be stored electronically.

    Please use only the forms approved by the Office of Enterprise Risk Services or the Office of General Counsel.  These are binding legal documents. If you need a document tailored for a specific event, please contact Risk Services. 

    Other Activities

    Other activities that require attention to special policies related to risk management:


    Property Loss or Usage

    Report any loss to the Office of Enterprise Risk Services immediately.

    If the loss is due to theft, break in, or vandalism, also report it to law enforcement immediately. 

    • If it occurred on the University campus: contact the OSU Department of Public Safety at 541-737-3010
    • If it occurred elsewhere: contact the police department for that jurisdiction. You will need to obtain a copy of any police report.

    Property Loan Agreements

    • Equipment Loaned - To Employees
      An employee may borrow property for off-campus university business, with authorization. This document summarizes the policy and should be completed for items on loan.
    • Equipment Loaned - To OSU
      If an employee chooses to use his or her own personal property to conduct OSU business, complete this form and keep it on file.  

    International Travel

    If you will be traveling outside of the United States, please review the International Travel information on the Extension Service Travel webpage.

    Certificate of Insurance

    If you need a certificate of insurance for proof of coverage, please request such from the OSU Enterprise Risk Services.  The Risk Services staff will need a copy of the contract or agreement. More information is available on their Certificates of Insurance website.


    Please see the Acknowledgement of Safety Instructions and Emergency Preparation Training form available on the OSU Environmental Health & Safety website as well as a listing of the most common Safety Instruction trainings.  There is also a link provided to the general list of Safety Instructions for additional safety topics.