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Division wide Operational Rules and Procedures, November 27, 2018 livestream 

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  • Please contact your Academic Home for information about promotion and tenure.

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    Posting Date: 9/20/12.  As a result of Senate Bill 242, OSU is no longer represented by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ).  Before SB 242, parties typically served the DOJ with the summons and complaint that would initiate litigation against OSU.  Post-242, service on DOJ is no longer effective. 

    If you or someone in your unit receives a summons or complaint, or any court filing or document associated with a lawsuit, please immediately send the documents to the OSU’s Office of Legal Counsel, 638 Kerr Administration Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-2158.  Even if you believe the documents are copies of papers that have been served elsewhere on campus, please send them.  Your receipt of the documents may constitute service on OSU, and the service date starts the clock running for court deadlines that OSU must not miss. 

    If you or someone in your unit receives a subpoena or a request for public records, please immediately send the subpoena or request to the OSU’s Office of General Counsel.  The OSU’s Office of General Counsel will either handle the request or assist you in responding, as appropriate.

    The OSU’s Office of General Counsel website:  http://leadership.oregonstate.edu/general-counsel