Travel Forms & Rates

  • Mileage Reimbursement 
  • Mileage Log FAQ
  • Travel Reimbursement Reminders:
    • Mileage reimbursement form must be submitted monthly.
    • Mileage log is to be used when driving privately owned vehicles while performing official work duties.
    • Mileage log must be attached to the Travel Reimbursement request for vicinity miles.
    • Miles for most direct traveled route may be reimbursed at the current OSU rate.
    • Mileage must be from official work station or your home, whichever is less.

      POLICY: OSU Extension Service follows the policy that out-of-state travel authorization must be obtained from the immediate supervisor prior to the commencement of travel.  OSU Extension Service provides an out-of-state travel authorization form to assist with obtaining this travel authorization.  Additional information on the OSU Travel Policy can be found in the Fiscal Operations Manual 411: Travel.

        Travel - Other

        International Travel

        If you will be traveling outside of the United States of America, please visit the websites listed below.

        • OSU Risk Management's International Travel 
          Learn about insurance coverage and other risk services available to OSU Faculty and Staff traveling outside of the United States in order to conduct their employment responsibilities.
        • Register your trip with the OSU's International Travel Registry.
        • Student Health Services may be able to assist with obtaining any needed immunizations.
        • For anything related to international travel, please contact Samuel Gras with the Office of Global Opportunities via email or at 541-737-6493.